Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft
Back on the Beach and BIGGER than Ever!
Panama City Beach, FL - April 8-11, 2021
Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft Softball
Spiderz Super Draft
Spiderz Mega Draft
What’s a Spiderz Mega Draft Slow Pitch Softball Tournament? To start, it’s probably the most fun you’ll have playing slow pitch softball all year, that’s what! Simply put, anyone who wants to come out and play softball on April 8-11, 2021 in Panama City Beach, FL; no matter who they play for during the regular season, no matter what class/sanction they play, no matter age (need to be 18+), and no matter sex! We take all of these people, throw their names into a hat, draw random teams, and play ball! When it's over....it's over!
Being part of a Mega Draft allows you to relax a bit and have FUN like the game was meant to be played! 

You'll have no idea how good your team is, or how good the the other teams are. No team is the "Favorite", because every team is an unknown. There are far too many variables and such little time to put it all together, that EVERY TEAM stands a fair chance at winning. 

How quickly can your team gel, put all the pieces of the puzzle together, and put a winning lineup out on the field? That's the trick. The '19 Spiderz Sin City Mega Draft Champions went 0-2 in their play-in games before going undefeated the rest of the tournament! 

Come prepared to play ball, meet some new "like minded" people (let's be honest...we slow pitch players are a rare breed!), HAVE FUN, and enjoy Panama City Beach during Spring Break! 
Spiderz Mega Draft Softball
Spiderz Mega Draft
Spiderz Mega Draft
  • Are you looking to play softball in a fun and "Pressure Free" environment?
  •  Are you tired of player/team classifications, and just want to Play Ball?
  •  Are you looking to Meet new softball players from across the country?  
  •  Are you sick of playing in the Same tournaments with the Same teams?
  •  Are you fed up with Lame tournament prize packs?
  •  Are you looking to travel and play softball in a Vacation Destination? 
  •  Are you ready to have Fun again, on and off the field?
Frank Brown Softball Complex
Join Us April 8-11, 2021 at the Frank Brown Softball Complex in Panama City Beach, FL!
The Spiderz Mega Draft Concept:  Let's throw one time events in fun "vacation" destinations, keep it fair, draft random teams, suit them up in a bunch of fresh new Spiderz gear, award AWESOME prizes, and invite ANYONE who wants to play. More importantly, make the atmosphere fun.....hold a big A$$ Home Run Derby, hire some DJ's to keep the party rolling on and off the field, give stuff away, and let people know this is MORE than just a softball tournament..... it's an EXPERIENCE!
  • Are you looking to play some Fun and "Drama Free" softball?
  • ​Are you fed up with player/team classifications, and just want to play ball?
  • ​Are you looking to meet new people in the slow pitch softball community, from around the World?
  • ​Are you tired of playing in the same old tournaments with the same lame prizes?
  • ​Are you tired of playing the same teams and same people every weekend?
  • ​ Are your ready to have some fun On and Off the field....in Panama City Beach, FL?
Our most recent Mega Draft in Las Vegas, NV brought together 720 people from 48 different states and 2 countries. Our recently completed '20 Music City Mega Draft brought together 841 people from 46 different states and 2 countries. Our goal for the '21 Spring Break Mega Draft is 1,100 people from ALL 50 states! LETS DO THIS!
Spiderz Super Draft
Spiderz Super Draft
Spiderz Super Draft
    (over $30,000 in prizes & giveaways)
    Above: 2020 Sin City Break Mega Draft Prize Bats!
    • 1st Place: EVERY PLAYER on the Championship Team will receive a NEW Custom Spring Break Mega Draft Softball Bat (made by a major manufacturer), a Spiderz Back Pack Bat Bag, a pair of custom Spiderz Batting Gloves, Spiderz T-Shirt and an Automatic "PLAYER" Berth to play in our '21 Spiderz Mega Draft National Championship in January '22 (Date & Location TBD) to play for $12,000 Grand Prize!!!
    • ​2nd Place: Every player on the 2nd place team will receive a NEW Softball Bat (stock bat from a major manufacturer), a pair of custom Spiderz Batting Gloves, and Spiderz T-Shirt
    • ​3rd Place: Every player on the 3rd place team will receive a Custom Spiderz Fielding Glove, a pair of custom Spiderz Batting Gloves and Spiderz T-Shirt
    • ​4th Place: Every player on the 4th place team will receive a Stock Spiderz Fielding Glove, a pair of custom Spiderz Batting Gloves and Spiderz T-Shirt
    • ​5th/6th Place: Every player on the 5th/6th place team will receive a Spiderz Back Pack Bat Bag, a pair of custom Spiderz Batting Gloves and Spiderz T-Shirt
    • 7th/8th Place: Every player on the 7th/8th place teams will receive a Stock Spiderz 1/4 Zip Short Sleeve Hoodie, a pair of custom Spiderz Batting Gloves and Spiderz T-Shirt
    • ​Individual Tourney Awards: $250 CASH for #1 Overall Pick, Award Plaques for Tournament MVP, Gold Glove and Male and Female Home Run Derby Championship Belts for the winners of the Optional Home Run Derby (to be held Thursday April 8th)
    Joey Capps
    (3-Time Spiderz Mega Draft Men's HR Derby Champion - Joey Capps! Can anyone beat this guy???????)

    The 2021 Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft!

    It's time to secure your spot in the '21 Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft on April 8-11, 2021! Limited to the first 1,100 paid entries or until Wednesday Dec 30, 2020 (which ever happens first). We will then host a LIVE DRAFT (we pull names by position/sex using random.org) on Facebook Live and draft teams on Friday January 22, 2021 (date may change)! 

    ***DRAFT DAY BONUS*** - The #1 Overall Pick in the draft will receive $250 CASH!!!

    Once the teams are drafted, we will set up Facebook Groups for each one of the teams to allow you the chance to get to know your teammates a bit before April 8th.  This way you can try to get a jump on positions, talk about ride sharing, splitting hotel rooms if needed, etc.  Makes it a lot easier meeting you new teammates in real life come tourney time.
    Spiderz Sin City Mega Draft
    Here's What's ALL INCLUDED When You Sign Up For 
    The '21 Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft
    Sin City Mega Draft Uniform Package
    (Pictured Above: '20 Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft Uniform Package as an example)
    • Your Name Entered Into The Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft (Draft Day is January 22nd, 2021 via Facebook Live - #1 Overall Pick will receive $250 CASH!!)
    • ​Invite to our Thursday Night "Meet & Greet" Party (meet your team and everyone else the night before the tourney for a few drinks)
    • ​4 Game Guarantee Tournament with Your Newly Drafted Team (over $25,000 in tournament prizes!)
    • ​Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft Uniform Package in Your Team's Assigned Colors (value of $235+): (2) Full Dye Short Sleeve Jerseys, (1) Hat or (2) Headbands, (2) pair of Men's or Women's Shorts, (1)pair of Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft Batting Gloves (final design will be released after Draft Day)
    • ​Your Name Entered Into Multiple Product Giveaways/Game Shows etc Before/During/After the Tourney! (we're giving away over $5,000 worth of stuff! Fielding Gloves, Bat Bags, Batting Gloves, Bats, Apparel, Custom Cleats, Autographed Memorabilia and More!)
    • ​New Friendships & Connections To Softball Players From Around The World!
    Home Run Derby Belt
    Pictured: '20 Spring Break Mega Draft Home Run Derby Champions Saddie Massey & Robbie Torrey

    '21 Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft Itinerary (tentative)

    • Thursday April 8, 2021
    • ​9am-4pm: Home Run Derby (optional) & Uniform Handout 
    • ​8pm-11pm: Meet and Greet Party at Sharky's Beach Front
    • Friday April 9, 2021
    • 9am-11:30pm: Tournament Games 
    • Saturday April 10, 2021
    • 7:30am-11:30pm: Tournament Games 
    • Sunday April 11, 2021
    • ​7:30am-9pm: Tournament Games Resume (Championship game is usually around 7pm)

    Tournament Rules

    Let's get these few important ones out of the way first: (as I know these are the first questions you'll ask, lol!)
    Complex Location- All games will be played at Frank Brown Complex 16200 Panama City Beach Pkwy, Panama City Beach, FL 32413
    Tournament Format- 4 Game Guarantee: 1 Play-In Game and then a seeded double elimination championship bracket , with a consolation bracket for teams that go 0-2 in bracket pay
    Draft Rules: Females, Pitchers, Infielders, Outfielders and C/AH will be split up and drafted as evenly as possible across entire draft board in a draft format.
    Bat List - All Current ASA and USSSA Bats will be allowed!
    Balls - Men MUST hit 12" Classic M Balls w/Spiderz Stamp on it and Women will have OPTION to hit 11" or 12" Classic M Balls w/Spiderz Stamp on it.
    5 men's balls and 2 women's balls will be supplied to each team before the tournament starts. If you lose all of your balls, or just need more, they will be available for purchase at the Spiderz Tent
    Home Run Limit - Five (5) Home Runs/Game. All Home Runs over the limit will be considered a Dead Ball Out. Female Home Runs DO COUNT towards total. Hit and Sit, no need to run them out.
    Lineup - Each team will be supplied with a 2-Team Scorebook. A lineup must be presented to the opposing team at the beginning of each game. Each team MUST bat all players. However only (10) will take the field. 1 Female MUST play a defensive position on the field at all times.
    No player may sit out from playing a defensive position more than 7 innings for every 14 innings played unless player should so choose to. Each team will need to monitor this as a whole. Please be respectful and fair to your teammates that also came to play.
    If a player "No Call/No Shows" to a game, the team can elect to have that player immediately removed from the roster and no longer eligible to win any prizes, or participate in any future Spiderz Mega Draft events.
    If a player is "running late", and team agrees to add him/her to the lineup....every time that person comes to bat, and they're not there, that spot will be an out (EACH TIME). If the team starts the game without that person in the lineup, and he/she arrives BEFORE they have batted through the lineup, that player must be added to the end. If the player shows up AFTER they have batted through the lineup, that player is no longer eligible to play in that game, and cannot substitute for another player.
    Pinch Runners - 1 per inning per team (NOT per sex). Runner can be anyone on the team (however if that runner comes up to bat in the lineup before he/she scores or gets out, that runners spot in the lineup will be an automatic out and NO OFFENSIVE EJECTION) . NOTE: A pinch runner may be used twice in the same inning if the person needing the runner gets on again (the pinch runner must also be the same runner used earlier that inning).
    Run Rules - 20 runs After 3 innings, 15 runs after 4 innings, 10 runs after 5 innings
    Time Limit - Games will be scheduled every 70 minutes. No new inning may start after 60 minutes . Time starts after coin flip! Hustle in and Hustle Out!
    Pitching - 4'-10' height limit, jukes/faking ok, all pitchers MUST wear a mask - NO EXCEPTIONS!
    Co-Ed Rules: Females can play anywhere on the field. No outfield co-ed line will be used. If a male is walked and a female is on deck, the male gets 2nd base (must run it out) and the female has the option to hit or take 1st base. Females CANNOT be thrown out at 1st base from an outfield position (or an assist from an OF position)
    Roster Additions: NO additions will be made to any roster unless tournament director adds them. In the event a player drops before the tournament, the tournament director will fill the empty roster spot with someone who is on the official waiting list. If a player drops during tournament, that team will play less 1 payer.
    Injury: In the event a player is injured during the game and cannot continue, that spot in the lineup will be an automatic out the 1st time that spot returns to an AB, then skipped each AB thereafter. If injured player cannot play the next game, the team must play with only 11. If 2 people are injured, the team must play with 10. If a team drops to less then 10, Tournament Director will assign a "House Sub" (some one who has not played on a team yet) if available.
    Awards/Prizes: If you or your team wins an award/prize, you must be on the current roster to claim. If you no showed at any point, you'll be removed from the roster and forfeit any award/prize.
    Weather: Tournament director reserves all rights to modify any game to a 1-pitch, or eliminate play-in games in the event of time constraints due to Weather. In the event of bad weather or acts of god that are out of our hands that force a tournament cancellation, no refunds will be given as each player will have received a uniform package with a retail value of $239. In addition, if tournament cancellation is announced between the tournament start and just before the finish of play in games, we will host a drawing which will include all players in the tournament and randomly choose names to distribute all prize packages. Once play-in games are completed, tournament director reserves all rights to decide prize distribution in the event of tournament cancellation.    

    Tournament director reserves all rights to modify any of the prize packages if expected registration numbers are not met. 
    Tournament director reserves all rights to modify Uniform packages as see fit. 
    Umpires and Balls will be provided. 
    We do kindly ask for your help in returning Home Run and Foul Balls back into play.

    Registered Players as of January 11, 2021

    Aaron Denham
    Aaron Hall
    Aaron Hyde
    Aaron James
    Aaron Jarzynka
    Aaron Krites
    Aaron Powell
    Aaron Robinson
    Aaron Rushing
    Aaron Smith
    Aaron sommers
    Abbey Hernandez
    Abby Allen
    Abigail Thomsen
    Adam Abraham
    Adam Alvarez
    Adam Baker
    Adam Banks
    Adam Benefiel
    Adam Bernaix
    Adam Hawryliw
    Adam Kowalski
    Adam Martin
    Adam Mohr
    Adam Paz
    Adam Schumann
    Adrian Andre
    Adrian Cepeda
    Adrian vela
    Alan Anderson
    Alan Castellanos
    Alana Johnson
    Albert Board
    Alberto Garcia Jr.
    Alec Sara
    Alec Smith
    Aleesa Amell
    Alejandro Hernandez
    Alex Henry
    Alex Hill
    Alex Lynn
    Alex Millan
    Alex Rutherford
    Alex Schultheis
    Alex Soto
    Alex Vance
    Alexa Straton
    Alexander Diola
    Alexander Pena
    Alexi Halvorson
    Alexis Guyer
    Alexis Walser
    Alexx Schultz
    Alfred Allen
    Allen Criswell
    Allen Hernandez
    Allison Lacey
    Alysa Clopton
    Alyssa Broccoli
    Alyssa Bryan
    Alyssa Fiscus
    Alyssa Gilmore
    Alyssa Thibodeau-Raasch
    Amanda (Amy) Tyler
    Amanda Bridges
    Amanda Goodman
    Amanda Jernigan
    Amanda Krage
    Amanda Lonergan
    Amanda Reed
    Amanda Smith
    Amanda Steele
    Amber Doll
    Amber Flores
    Amber McArthur
    Amber VonDerBruegge
    Amber Zollo
    Amy Jones
    Amy Westberg
    Ana Dye
    Andre Herrera
    Andre Reynolds
    Andrea Jackson
    Andres Repelin
    Andres Sosa
    Andrew Chavez
    Andrew Crowley
    Andrew Dibble
    Andrew Isenhower
    Andrew Kenney
    Andrew Kern
    Andrew Mika
    Andrew Payne
    Andrew Posephny
    Andrew Purdun
    Andrew Sletten
    Andrew Vigil
    Andy Falcon
    Angel Cardenales
    Angel Huizar
    Angel Martinez
    Angel Ortiz
    Angel Yebra
    Angela Moreira
    Angelina Sanchez
    Angelina Secondo
    Anibal Fong
    Anissa Lopez-huaraqui
    Anthony Ace Martin
    Anthony Barone
    Anthony Chambers
    Anthony Comer
    Anthony DeNoon
    Anthony Dominguez
    Anthony Kruczek
    Anthony Ova
    Anthony Rivera
    Anthony Rodríguez
    Anthony Shelton
    Anthony Southwell
    Anthony Tillman
    Anthony Urena
    Anthony Wojcik
    April Gunckel
    April Reynold
    Apryl Wishecoby
    Aren Long
    Ari Benjamin
    Armando Padilla
    Aron Cristando
    Arthur Barajas
    Ashley Cooper
    Ashley Harmon
    Ashley Hull
    Ashley Jones
    Ashley Marshall
    Ashley Peden
    Ashley Peters
    Ashley Rogers
    Ashley Vosilla
    Audra Grigsby
    Austin Andolsek
    Austin Chandler
    Austin Farr
    Austin Fleming
    Austin Haro
    Austin Rygula
    Austin Weidemann
    Ave Ruiz
    Avery Bowie
    Ayesha Cochran
    Babie Matafele
    Bamm Baracas
    Baubie Fox
    Beau Green
    Ben Duran
    Ben Fadler
    Ben Jones
    Benjamin Borum
    Benjamin Prewitt
    Benjamin Westphall
    Bennie Eatmon
    Bernard Stennett
    Berta Ponfil
    Beth Pate
    Bethany Aguado
    Bill Engen
    Bill Salinsky
    Billy Glover
    Billy Powell
    Billy Power
    Birdie Guillergan
    Blake Cotton
    Bobby Gibson
    Bobby Trippel
    Bobby Wallen
    Boots Price
    Brad Sroufe
    Braden McIntyre
    Bradford Davis
    Bradley Wilson
    Brandi Smith
    Brando Vasquez
    Brandon Black
    Brandon Boyce
    Brandon Brodmerkel
    Brandon Buonanno
    Brandon Carpenter
    Brandon Clark
    Brandon Cope
    Brandon Davis
    Brandon Dayton
    Brandon Haag
    Brandon Hoehner
    Brandon Loecker
    Brandon McDaniel
    Brandon Murphy
    Brandon Palange
    Brandon Plumb
    Brandon Reeves
    Brandon Richard
    Brandon Rider
    Brandon Sewell
    Brandon Ten Napel
    Brandon Tomlin
    Brandon White
    Brandon Wishard
    Brandy Durr
    Brandy Shockley
    Braxton Hill
    Breanna Caldwell
    Brendan Curtis
    Brendan S Johnston
    Brenden Cook
    Brenden Tellez
    Brendon Glass
    Brent Gann
    Brent Lozano
    Bret Toledo
    Brett Cook
    Brett Dolman
    Brett Gibbens
    Brett Hoisington
    Brett Louks
    Brett Mcmanus
    Brett Satterfield
    Brett Smith
    Brett Unger
    Brian Bramlett
    Brian Chouinard
    Brian Dauzy
    Brian DeFries
    Brian England
    Brian Hough
    Brian Isham Jr.
    Brian Johnson
    Brian Klaus
    Brian Medina
    Brian Pastor
    Brian Pulvermacher
    Brian Sharp
    Brian Sylvas
    Brian Taylor
    Brian Werlau
    Brian Younger
    Brianna Fischer
    Brittany Allen
    Brittany Clark
    Brittany Duke
    Brittany Kephart
    Brittany Mazierski
    Brittany Rhea
    Brittany Sides
    Brittney Ray
    Brodrick Miller
    Brooke Harrington
    Brooks Brewer
    Bruce Harris
    Bryan Bedell
    Bryan Bereza
    Bryan Bowers
    Bryan Galloway
    Bryan Gibbs
    Bryan perryman
    Bryson Davis
    Bubba Baker
    Burl shealy
    Butch Filbin
    Caleb Jones
    Cameron Alexander
    Cameron Douthat
    Cameron Fox
    Cameron Switzer
    Cara Salm
    Carlos Delgado
    Carly Danek
    Carmen Coy
    Carmen Jones
    Carolyn McLean
    Carter Kuslits
    Casey Crowe
    Casey McPeck
    Casey Melchor
    Cassandra Hidalgo
    Celestino Chapa
    Cesar Swalm
    Chad Hopkins
    Chad Jacob
    Chad Setser
    Chad St John
    Charles Prell
    Charlie Agnello
    Chase Fisher
    Chase Massey
    Chase Taylor
    Chelsea Masson
    Chelsea Meier
    Chelsey Hough
    Chelsie Altman
    Chevis Sexton
    Chewy Nieland
    Cheyenne Landon
    Chris Bates
    Chris Chandley
    Chris Dacey
    Chris Davis
    Chris Dearmas
    Chris Gamez
    Chris Garron
    Chris Glenn
    Chris Gregory
    Chris Grice
    Chris Harter
    Chris Jones
    Chris Kirkland
    Chris Nemeth
    Chris OGrady
    Chris Pate
    Chris Pitre
    Chris Rich
    Chris Roberts
    Chris Roman
    Chris Scherer
    Chris Smyth
    Chris Tompkinson
    Chris Wheeler
    Chrishaun Beasley
    Christa Fullwood
    Christaine Fischlin
    Christian Alyse Tucker
    Christian Moffett
    Christian West
    Christina Hammerle
    Christina Theison
    Christina Trenga
    Christine Mach
    Christine Ryder
    Christopher Angel
    Christopher Baxley
    Christopher Brabham
    Christopher Canavan
    Christopher Elias
    Christopher Elletson
    Christopher Gamez
    Christopher Hart
    Christopher Martinez
    Christopher Merlino
    Christopher Pierce
    Christopher Thomas
    Christopher Turner
    Christopher Washington
    Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wiltanger
    Chuck Austin
    Chuck Caldwell
    Chuck Foster
    Ciara Small
    Cinthia Chandler
    CJ Crew
    Claraece Goss
    Clarence Hixson Wells
    Clay Knox
    Clayton Alvarado
    Clem Brisbon
    Clint Cooper
    Clint Smith
    Clinton Garrett
    Cobe Hina
    Cody Barnes
    Cody Best
    Cody Blanton
    Cody Brimston
    Cody Hampton
    Cody Keefer
    Cody Ladue
    Cody Langston
    Colby Standley
    Cole Johnson
    Cole Prentiss
    Cole Van Linn
    Colton Brown
    Connor Schell
    Connor Schmid
    Cooper Husmann
    Corey Adams (IA)
    Corey Adams (TN)
    Corey Alvarado
    Corey Branzelle
    Corey Garrett
    Corey Lindsey
    Corey M Locker
    Corey Ryan
    Corin Runk
    Cornelius Rushing
    Cornelius Smith
    Cory Fearheller
    Cory Hedger
    Cory Huff
    Cory Musser
    Craig Kaufman
    Craig Kolb
    Craig Lemponen
    Cristina Gregg
    Cynthia Madrid
    Dakota Napoli
    Dale Poling
    Dale Reed
    Dallas Crowe
    Dalton Lewis
    Damian Del Rosario
    Damian Siriani
    Damien Runser
    Damion Drummond
    Damon Lashley
    Dan Marshall
    Dana Eddy
    Dane Bandy
    Daniel Billings
    Daniel Gregg
    Daniel Hardy
    Daniel Harris
    Daniel Hedrick
    Daniel Herrera
    Daniel Lisenbee
    Daniel Polk
    Daniel Roth
    Daniel Smith (ID)
    Daniel Smith (OK)
    Danielle Acord
    Danielle Guillory
    Danielle Kohen
    Danielle Larsen
    Danielle O'Brien
    Danny Gullett
    Danny Martinez
    Danny Sly
    Darian Ramos
    Darien Vazquez
    Darin Krueger
    Darrell Henderson
    Darrell Lawson
    Dave Matlak
    David Bouquet
    David Brolin
    David Chandler
    David Danke
    David De La Torre
    David Dickerson
    David Esquijarosa
    David Hayes
    David Kleber
    David Martino
    David Narvaez
    David Palmen
    David Reynolds
    David Ruiz
    David Ruth
    David Simono
    David Yesbick
    Dawon Jones
    Dean Nichols
    Dean Zurla
    Dejuan Morgan
    Della Frey
    Demas Hammerle
    Demetric Brown
    Dennis Rucker
    Derek Czarnecki
    Derek Hough
    Derek Jacques
    Derek Rucker
    Derrick Mainor
    DeShaun Mckinley
    Devin Jones
    Devin Smith
    Devina Williamson
    Devon Herson
    Dinh Phan
    Divialin Gonzalez
    DJ Hannah
    DJ Pitts
    DJ Warwick
    Dominic Grimes
    Domonique Jopek
    Donald Byrge
    Donald Eiler
    Donald Garrett
    Donnie Earls
    Donnie Montry
    Donnie Welch
    Donny Predum
    Donny Wolf
    Donovan Sutterfield
    Dora Urdialez
    Douglas Cain
    Douglas Coffey
    Drew Ryan
    Drew Spencer
    Dustin Cooper
    Dustin Howard
    Dustin Reagan
    Dylan Penn
    Dylan Simon
    Dylan Walsh
    Eamon Andolsek
    Ed Cottner
    Ed Williamson
    Eddie Flores
    Eddie Gregory
    Eduardo Rivera
    Edward Dejesus
    Edward Roberts jr
    EJ Barber
    Elaine Harris
    Elgin Mendoza
    Elias De Jesus
    Elide Herrera
    Elijah Horne
    Elisabet Wittstrom
    Elizabeth Sollecito
    Elizabeth Sotelo
    Elizabeth Vos
    Elvin Caban
    Elyse Taylor
    Emerson Buchanan
    Emily Grayson
    Emily Kolbeck
    Emily Smith
    Emma Dobbel
    Eric Angel
    Eric Burch
    Eric Johnston
    Eric Long
    Eric Porter
    Eric Serrano
    Eric Sirotzki
    Eric Smith
    Eric Stebbins
    Eric Trepp
    Eric Underwood
    Erick Rodriguez
    Erick Salado
    Erik Boe
    Erin Kwiatkowski
    Ernest Cavan
    Ethan Slone
    Evelio Lopez
    Faith Slone
    Farah Sanchez
    Farrah Sells
    Felipe Duran
    Felix Gonzalez
    Felix Lebron
    Felix Marbury
    Frances Hastings
    Francisco A. Barnard
    Francisco Loya
    Francisco Ramirez
    Francisco Rivera
    Francisco Umana
    Frank Johnson
    Frank Vasquez
    Freddie Marmol
    Freddy Gomez
    Freddy Isler
    Fredrick Powell
    Gabriel Chandler
    Gabriel Enriquez
    Gabrielle (Gabby) Stone
    Gabrielle Jimenez
    Gage Hennegar
    Gaige Willis
    Gale Volpp
    Garrett Lee
    Garrett Rygula
    Garrett Sedgwick
    Garrett Walborn
    Gary Barrett
    Gary Benjamin
    Gary Exley
    Gary McKinney
    Gary Petersen
    Gary Worthen
    Gavin Santiago
    Genesis Coll
    Geoff Derksen
    George Byers
    George Putt
    George Shaak III
    Gerluis Andujar
    Gilbert Garcia
    Gillan Andre
    Giovanni (Pete) Santana
    Giovanny Obando
    Gracie Lange
    Graham McCulloch
    Grant Pringle
    Grayson Goforth
    Greg Marcus
    Greg Mikowski Jr.
    Greg Vinson
    Gregory Davilma
    Gustavo Ruiz
    Hayley Hutchinson
    Hayley Taylor
    Heather Kelley
    Heather Radigan
    Heidi Gappa
    Heidi Molder
    Holden Fudurich
    Hunter Holland
    Ian Rodriguez
    Ida Partman
    Ignacio Del Rosario
    Ismael Scott
    Israel Sepulveda
    Israel Vos
    Ivi vazquez
    Jacey Hodgson
    Jackie Rivera
    Jaclyn Haberman
    Jacob Earl
    Jacob Fletcher
    Jacob Jones
    Jacob Morgan
    Jacob Nadal
    Jacob Nye
    Jacob Sutton
    Jacob Tripp
    Jacob Walker
    Jacob Wolowinski
    Jake Bartelt
    Jake Federer
    Jake Kaschak
    Jake Mason
    Jake McMonagle
    Jake Wignall
    James Bennett
    James Calloway
    James Dick
    James Eldridge
    James Fish
    James Hall (Fat Mackin)
    James Johns
    James Jones
    James Napier
    James Nelson
    James Pollard
    James Ray
    James Rossi
    James Scott III
    James Theodore
    Jameson McDowell
    Jamey Scott
    Jami Rossi
    Jamie Duncan
    Jamie Junker
    Jamison Manning
    Janessa Curtis
    Janie Turney
    Jared Bates
    Jared Shipley
    Jared Stevens
    Jason Allen
    Jason Andrianos
    Jason Baker
    Jason Boren
    Jason Brew
    Jason Brown
    Jason Feltmann
    Jason Franke
    Jason Iskades
    Jason Jarrell
    Jason Jimenez
    Jason Power
    Jason Prehm
    Jason Rudell
    Jason Shader
    Jason Sheppard
    Jason Shippen
    Jason Turk
    Jason Vaughn
    Jason Westin
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    Javier Zayas
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    Jenilee Lopez
    Jenna Bonham (Crum)
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    Jennie Green
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    Jennifer Robbins
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    Jeremy Rau
    Jeremy Syverson
    Jeremy Turner
    Jerry Filbin
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    Jesse Rodriguez
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    Jessica Blalock
    Jessica Cardenas
    Jessica Cassano
    Jessica Foreman
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    Jessica Hampton
    Jessica Harden
    Jessica Johnson
    Jessica Moore
    Jessica Traylor
    Jessica Ulrey
    Jessica Velez
    Jessica Wacht
    Jessica yebra
    Jessie Dunn
    Jessy Hulett
    Jesus Huaraqui
    Jill Switzer
    Jillian Leonard
    Jim Wilson
    Jimmy Cloe
    Jimmy Nededog
    Jimmy Ricciardi
    Joanna Conn
    Jobina Johnson
    Jodi Carl
    Joe Brewer
    Joe Rudolphi
    Joe Weber
    Joel Servin
    Joey Ramsey
    John Corson
    John Douglas
    John Henry
    John Horton
    John Jarvis
    John Koval
    John Ludwinski
    John Morrissey
    John Nelson
    John OSullivan
    John Phillips
    John Ryan Nass
    John Swisher
    John Taylor
    John Weissmann
    John Zuba
    Johnathan Irwin
    Johnathan Marquez
    Johnathan Orr
    Johnny Valerio
    Johnny Waldrop
    Jolene Biorn
    Jon Bash
    Jon Cabot
    Jon Sicard
    Jon Villanueva
    Jonathan Amador
    Jonathan Garcia
    Jonathan Leslie
    Jonathan Moore
    Jonathan Morgan
    Jonathan Parsons
    Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Winkler
    Jonathon Vaiyanet
    Jonathon Wilson
    Joni Simmons
    Jordan jagd
    Jordan Judson
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    Jorge Felix Rodriguez Jr
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    Jori Isenhower
    Jose Carrera
    Jose Guerra
    Jose Rosario
    Jose Valest
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    Joseph Sabatino
    Joseph Sanders III
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    Kristin Ball
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    Krystle Thomas
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    Lauren Badia
    Lawanna Huber
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    Lisa wood
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    Louis St Charles
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    Stewart Dennis
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