Spiderz New Years Mega Draft Softball Tournament
    Helping Battle NYE Hangovers Since 2015!
    Spiderz Indoor New Years Draft Softball Tournament
    Here's all the info you NEED to know....
    • ​We'll only be taking (100) Max Participants
    • ​Teams will be drafted (pull names out of bags) LIVE on Facebook on Black Friday, November 29, 2019 (exact time to be determined soon)
    • ​We will make sure each team has at least (1) Pitcher, spread the Female participants out evenly, and spread out the rest of the positions as evenly as possible. 
    • **​NEW for 2020!** Each team will be designated a color, and each player will be given a Spiderz Full Dye Long Sleeve Jersey with their # on it, in their team colors, as part of the Entry Fee! (not required to wear during tourney as it may get warm in building)
    • ​ Location: Spiderz/STiKS, S5197 W240 Kuenzi Lane, Waukesha, WI 53189
    • ​Doors will open at 7:15am and 1st game will be at 8am (game times full bracket will be available on Live Draft day)
    • ​Men and Women 18 Years of age or older are invited to participate
    • ​Teams will have (10) players each. Only (9) can play defense. All (10) must bat.
    • ​If a person no shows, they will no longer be eligible to play for that team or win prizes. No Substitutions. (if a team falls below 9 players, we will provide a "house sub")
    • ​Tournament will be Double Elimination format. No new inning will start after 45 minutes
    • ​12" .52/300 balls will be used and provided. Current ASA and USSSA Bats are allowed
    • ​Pitcher MUST wear a mask, or be forced to pitch from BEHIND a screen/net
    • ​Unlimited HR's (balls hit OVER 2nd beam) but they can be robbed (caught before they touch the ground).
    • ​Run Rule: 20 After 3, 15 after 4, 10 after 5
    • ​6-12' Pitch Arc - Ump Calls Strikes - 1 Foul Ball allowed if it's your 1st strike
    • ​NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED INSIDE FACILITY (if you "choose to booze" outside in private, please make it discreet and pick up your trash. Kids/Families use this facility)
    • ​Each Registered Mega Draft Participant will have unlimited use of the batting cages during the time of the tournament. If not a participant in the tournament, you will be required to pay $20/person to use cages
    • ​1 Courtesy Runner/Inning (can be anyone as long as they don't come up in the lineup. If they do, RUNNER will take the out, and they will have to bat). IF batter who uses courtesy runner comes up twice in an inning, they may be ran for again, with SAME runner)
    • ​If a male is walked, with a female on deck (no hiding of on deck batters), male gets 2nd base (no touching of 1st is required) and female is given OPTION to hit. No matter the count or how many outs. 
    • ​Have Fun. No Complaining. Start the year off right and enjoy the 1st softball tournament of the year​
    Spiderz Mega Draft Long Sleeve Jersey
    NEW for 2020! Each Team Receives Matching Long Sleeve Jerseys! 
    (not required to wear during tourney as it may get warm in building)

    #1 Draft Pick: The #1 Overall Draft Pick will receive $50!

    1st Place: Each person on the championship team will receive a new '20 Spiderz Bat Pack AND a choice of a new pair of Spiderz HyperLITE Batting Gloves or an online Spiderz Gift Card to build/order a new pair of Custom HYBRID or ENDITE Spiderz Batting Gloves!

    2nd Place: Each person on the 2nd Place team will receive choice of a new pair of Spiderz HyperLITE Batting Gloves or an online Spiderz Gift Card to build/order a new pair of Custom HYBRID or ENDITE Spiderz Batting Gloves!

    3rd Place: Each person on the 3rd Place team will receive a Spiderz Beanie

    Free Bat Giveaway: We will be giving away (1) Pure/Spiderz Mega Draft Bat to a random winner! (all draft participants are entered for free and we will pull winner around 1pm New Years Day)

    Spiderz Bat Pack Bag
    Spiderz HyperLITE Batting Gloves
    Spiderz Custom Batting Glove Builder
    TEAM 1 
    Casey Melchor
    Chad Ori
    Lindsay Eisenach
    Patrick Klafka
    Daniel Peterson
    Devon Herson
    Dalton Lewis
    Warren Egan
    Justin Ebersohl
    Jesse Kleineider
    TEAM 2
    Jeff Windis
    Kevin Birner
    Kristin Hausen
    Chomps Sauceda
    Andy Reza
    Dustin Cooper
    Torres Thomas
    Bryce Davis
    Aaron Viel
    Nick Carleton
    TEAM 3
    Tim Herson
    Kristin Sarrels
    Aaron Denham
    Avery Bowie
    Jim King
    Zack Redden
    Brandon Teschler
    Danny Weed
    Justin Witkowiak
    Austin Andrews
    TEAM 4
    Scott Shambo
    Rose Reichart
    Kayla Justus
    DJ Wenger
    Travis Oninski
    John Kleineider
    Chad Wagner
    Chase Ladwig
    Nick Kelly
    Danny Martinez
    TEAM 5
    Kevin Page
    Adrienne Bryant
    Tiffany Seaverson
    Nick Memmel
    John Koval
    Brian Staab
    Justin Taylor
    Dan Knutson
    Rashad Kurtz
    Dan Zarneki 
    TEAM 6
    Kenny Richardson
    Veronica Kraly
    Emily Kolbeck
    Randy Vogler
    Deshaun Mckinley
    Tim Tabor
    Austin Schmidt
    James Lipp
    Chris Perez
    Michael Rivera
    TEAM 7
    Joseph Hughes
    Kayla Kleineider
    Jessica Wallace
    Anthony Bass
    James Cox
    Chris Matthews
    Matthew Lyell
    Jake Kurszewski
    Craig Kolb
    James Hall
    TEAM 8
    Byron Griffin
    Jen Norton
    Rachel Wolf
    Brey Hulett
    Jake Kaschak
    Nathan Stark
    Justin Urban
    Jim Johns
    Chad Moleski
    John Zuba
    TEAM 9
    Chris Johnson
    Lindsay Wagner
    Lee Schimek
    Jenny Jorgenson
    Tony Hana
    Dawon Jones
    Trent Lowery
    Alex Laus
    Mitch Bailey
    Colin Huff
    TEAM 10
    James Wojton
    Erin Young
    Jason Seeman
    Greg McCellan
    Jim Wallner
    Chris Smothers
    Jessica Moleski
    Ryan Storm
    Jake Stadler
    Cody Langston
    TEAM 11
    James Kubasa
    Stephanie Willms
    Andrew Mesa
    Dan Bigus
    Christian McGhee
    Tim Ruffner
    Dario Melendez
    Joe Forbrook
    Joe Mertens
    Seo Hernandez

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