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Home Run Derby Field Assignments



'20 Spring Break Champs: Sadie Massie & Robbie Torrey
Music City HR Derby Champ
'20 Music City Champs Joey Capp & Amanda Lonergan
Here's how it works: The Qualifying Round/Sessions will start Thursday April 8th at 8am and go until 11:59am. When you register for the HR Derby, you'll choose a 1-hour time qualifying "Session" to hit in. There will be (4) different sessions to choose from. We only have (5) fields: (4) Men's and (1) Women's available in each "session", so spaces are extremely limited. Once they're full, they're full. 

About a week out from the tournament we'll take all the entries from each 1-hour session, and randomly draw names to assign hitters to a specific FIELD and hitting GROUP. All session participants are required to show up at the start of the assigned 1-hour session. The first group will hit, while the other group shags the balls. Then the groups will switch to complete the session. This way we have people shagging balls (otherwise we wouldn't get very far without balls).  

MAIN HR DERBY RULES: Swing any current ASA or USSSA bat | Dudley Stadium Balls will be supplied | You supply your own Pitcher | 10 Swings and can watch/take 4 pitches | Women Hit from 2nd Base | 1 Group Shags, while 1 Group Hits | Top (2) Men's totals (from the entire day) from EACH of the (4) Qualifying Men's Field's & Top (4) Women (only 1 qualifying field) will move to Finals at 12:00pm THURSDAY!

Winners will receive a Spiderz Home Run Derby Championship Belt and a '21 Spiderz/PURE Spring Break Bat! 

$30/Entry | 1 Entry/Person | Spiderz Spring Break Mega Draft Participants ONLY | No Refunds

~ All HR Derby participants will receive our new Spiderz V5 t-shirt! ~

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